King Air Users Information

N2UW is a "mission ready" aircraft. The Department of Atmospheric Science maintains a suite of instruments that are available upon request of the aircraft. In addition, considerable freedom is permitted for mounting user-supplied instruments. UW personnel will supervise the installation of such equipment and can assist all users in the design and fabrication of user-supplied equipment to ensure that this equipment meets size, weight, and structural integrity requirements established by the department and flight facility.

Standard Measurements that are available include:

  • Instrumentation for measurement of atmospheric state parameters (temperature, pressure, humidity)
  • GPS for location and velocity correction
  • Air motion (wind) measurements with inertial reference unit and gust probe
  • Turbulent flux measurements of momentum, moisture, and carbon dioxide
  • Radiometers (shortwave, longwave)
  • Radiometers for remote surface temperature measurements
  • Cloud physics instrumentation (water content, particle concentration and size)
  • Video photography and audio equipment

Special Measurement Capabilities:

Other instruments that are not part of the standard package at the present time may be available. Each has a designated principal investigator who should be contacted directly for information about how to obtain support. Additional funding may be needed to support deployment of these instruments:

  • Trace gas sampling
  • Cloud condensation nucleus CCN counter
  • Aerosol instruments

Remote Sensing:

The Wyoming Cloud Radar and Wyoming Cloud Lidar are part of the UWyo King Air National Facility and as such are available for "standard" deployment aboard the King Air.

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