Clouds and Precipitation Observations and Research

Jeffrey R. French, PhD

Asst. Professor

Dept. of Atmospheric Science

University of Wyoming

1000 E. Unviersity Ave

Laramie, WY 82071

ph: (307) 766-4143

fax: (307) 766-2635


Jeffrey (Jeff) French is an Atmospheric Scientist holding degrees in Physics, Meteorology, and Atmospheric Science. Dr. French received his Doctoral Degree from the University of Wyoming in 1998. His dissertation work focused on the evolution of droplet spectra and the intial development of drizzle in warm, shallow cumuli observed from aircraft and airborne and ground-based radars. Following this, he worked for NOAA Air Resources Laboratory through 2005. With NOAA his research was centered on the development of meteorological instrument for research aircraft, such as the NOAA P3 'Hurricane Hunters'. His atmospheric science work at NOAA invovled the airborne measurements of air/surface energy exchange.

Dr. French returned to UW in 2006 as lead Project Manager for the King Air research aircraft. From 2006 through 2014 he led several deployments of the aircraft, working with engineers, pilots, mechanics, and scientific users. He continued instrument development and measurement evaulation for airborne research instruments.

In 2015, Dr. French was appointed Assistant Professor in the Department of Atmospheric Science at UW. His research continues to focus on precipitation growth and development in clouds. Airborne observations are key to Dr. French's research interest, thus instrument development, calibration, and measurement evaluations are an important part of the work conducted in his research group.

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