WCL Data Processing and Data Format

Real-Time DSP

WCL is software controlled and all outputs are recorded in digital form by the Data Acquisition System (DAQ). WCL DAQ performs the following operations:

  • Processing

    • Pulse averaging
    • Calibrate received signal strength in mV
    • Stores data on a hard disk in custom WCL format
  • Outputs

    • Backscatter Data Profiles (Range corrected)
    • Maximum number of recorded profiles per second (pps) depends on the laser pulse repeat rate(WCL-I: 20 Hz, WCL-II: 1K Hz)
  • Post Flight Processing

      After a flight the raw data are archived in its native WCL format.
      Post flight processing is available for:
    • Overlap factor correction
    • Producing backscattering signal strength images; images are available on the WCL project web page
    • Visualization of backscattering signal strength, uncalibrated depolarization ratio

    Post Experiment Processing

    • Calculate WCL products(Backscattering signal strength, Depolarization ratio)
    • Archive WCL products in NetCDF format
      The final data product is usually ready for further analysis and distribution no later than 2-3 months after an experiment.

    Processed Data Format

    Data Availability

      Data from past experiments are available to researchers upon request.